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Artistic creativity of Mirjana Mit Stojković has been drawing attention of many theoreticians and critics of fine arts:  

„Alike with the ancient alchemists, her work arises quietly, beyond the everyday life taking place at the actual art scene. It is running in the ecstasy of deep deliberation about the life and the world, which provokes her conscience and “tickles” her imagination.

Coloristic nuances are as lavish as the world she paints. It has become endless, just like the infinite qualities of pigments she uses, and which decompose to endless gradations of nuances.

Visual harmonization of sensitively amalgamated tones is held just at some spots. It is unexpectedly interrupted by oasis of light glittering, which, like accents, seem to be the ocular openings. They rise from the depths of space“.


(Taken from the catalogue for the exhibition „Exotic flora”, 2012)                                 


Zdravko Vučinić,

Art Critic


“She very well understands pictorial testimonies, and her compositions show the artistic studiousness and maturity. That is not a bare transfer of events from the nature, but also her search for the secret. It is about the feeling of flora of Thailand rainforests which, during her stay there, truly excited her. The search for harmony of the exotic vegetation is moving towards various directions. She analyses vegetation which hides myriad of artistic challenges. Those are, first of all, reflections of light which, through the coloured coat, are moving towards the external and internal observation of the appearance. The very shape represents the sign and the superstructure gives the life. It is there where the artist impressed her breath as the concept of a spirit which will embody into the matter“.


(Extract from the fine art critique “Colour and shape”, Novosti 2012.)


Vasilije Sujić,

Art Critic


“The message which the exhibition carries is “Green and vivid”. That is why the plants of the “Exotic flora” are not experienced as mere plants, but also as an idea hiding in it, not as the actual truth, but as the creative one.

If the paintings of Mirjana Mit are the thoughts, then those are the thoughts in colour.


(Extract from review “A thought about plants”, “Vreme”, 2012).


Sonja Ćirić,



“This is the ode to permanent joy, the play frozen in the magic moment of dedicated speaking, communication which is depleted as it is being watched. Her drawings are descriptive, yet some of them carry and present certain psychological deepening. There are elements according to which it can be concluded that the artist is competing with Rubens, Delacroix and Ingres, which is, of course, inevitable considering the topic and its presence in the artistic practice.”


(Taken from the review of the exhibition of drawings “Body Language”, “Likovni život” 1994).

Bratislav Ljubišić,

Art Critic


“To live and to survive at the art scene for so many years, like Mirjana Mit Stojković does, is neither easy nor simple. Her exploring nature urges her to reconsider her inner creating impulses. She uses the minor span of light gradations which enriches the forms with softness and a full volume.”


(Taken from the catalogue for the exhibition of drawings “Body Language” 2009).


Aleksandar Jovanović Birilj,

Art critic


“Being a real connoisseur of all secrets of drawings, Mirjana skilfully thinks-out how to choose each single move of a female body, at the same time looking for the correct tone branches which will triumph through the expression of her sensible character, which is truly inexhaustible. Using endless nuancing with diffuse light arising from the whiteness of the base, she reaches high light cadences and achieves the basic fusion in each drawing she makes.

The presence of the erotic moment is extraordinarily good. Such precise and perfect drawing makes an interesting milieu in which the poetization is a certain sentimental reaction to what is human and biological, and insisting on extremely artistic problem solution, which is imposed by the chosen topic, make the perfection of this master artist“.


(Taken from the review of the exhibition of drawings from Toronto, „Likovni život“ 1994)


Radmila Rebić Stojanović

                                        Art historian


“Through the process of realization of the meditative sublimation of presentiments, Mirjana threw away complicated conceptual solutions of painting factures and committed herself to the classic graphism, of which the structure realized quite modern associations in xemnic plane of the painted matter. The complex simplicity of her painting in such way constituted the inner plan of the painting as a predominant dramaturgic solution for coloristic objectification, owing to which the appearing of the painting could become, for example, the structure of a new view of the world“.


(Extract from the catalogue of paintings “The Empress of Grass” in the National Museum of Smederevska Palanka, 1986).


Milutin Srećković,

Literary Critic


„As a painter, Mirjana Stojković created the beauty through exchange of her emotions and the energy of the natural beauty and that is why the exhibited aquarelles are so fluent and legible, as if they were all part of one story, the tone of the same melody, and any possible individuality as compared to previous art is the reflection of her artistic curiosity and personal creating philosophy. Thus, in front of the art public, there is an author full of rich artistic experience, powerful creative energy, studious forethought and, above all, the author with the recognizable artistic sensibility.

Her aquarelles, under the common name “The Colours of the Summer”, where the floral motive is prevailing, are full of some impressive gentleness, complementary colours of shaded intensity, with carefully built dynamics of the composition and the rhythmic of her drawings. She actually reminds us of the following: the beauty itself is not purposeful, and it can be complete only if we first discover it deep in ourselves, and present it to the others in a form of a picture.”


(Taken from the catalogue for the exhibition “The colours of the summer” in Modern Gallery of Smederevska Palanka, 2004.).


Stošić Miladin, MSc

The Artist