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          Mirjana was born in SokoBanja, Republic of Serbia.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department for Decorative Painting in Belgrade, in 1968, in the class of Professor AcaTomašević. During the period 1969 -1990, she worked as a  Art teacher in the High School of SmederevskaPalanka.


Since 1976, she has been a member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia), and since 2005, she has been the member of the International Association of Fine Arts.


Address: Kralja Aleksandra 17, Belgrade, tel:011/3234-942, e-mail: mitmirjana@hotmail.com                                                                             


Solo exhibitions:


1973. SmederevskaPalanka, gallery of Dom JNA (The Hall of Yugoslav National Army), paintings

1976. Kranj, Prešernova Gallery, paintings

1977. Mladenovac, Gallery of Youth Cultural Centre, paintings

1977. Brčko, “RizahŠtetić” Gallery, paintings

1979. Velika Plana, Gallery of Cultural Centre, paintings

1980. Smederevo, the National Museum, paintings

1986. SmederevskaPalanka, the National Museum, paintings

1986. Kraljevo, the National Museum, paintings

1987. Niš, Modern Gallery, paintings-1990., Dubrovnik, “Lapad” Gallery, paintings

1991. SokoBanja, the National Museum, paintings

1991. Mladenovac, Gallery of Youth Cultural Centre, drawings

1992. SmederevskaPalanka, Gallery, drawings

1993. Belgrade, Gallery “KućaKrsmanovića “, paintings

1994. Belgrade, Gallery “KućaKrsmanovića”, drawings

1994. Toronto, Canada, gallery of Serbian National Academy;

1995. SmederevskaPalanka, Gallery, drawings

2001. Peking, NR China, “Fun gallery”, drawings

2009. Paraćin, Gallery, drawings

2009. Aleksinac, Youth Cultural Centre, drawings

2009. Prokuplje, the National Museum, drawings

2010. Ruma, Gallery of Cultural Centre, drawings

2012. Belgrade, ULUS Gallery, paintings

2012. Vrbas, Modern Gallery, paintings

2012. Pirot, `ČedaKrstić` Gallery, paintings



   Group exhibitions


1970. Belgrade, “Fine Arts Pedagogues of Serbia”

1971. Members of “Poligrus’’ Smederevo, SmederevskaPalanka, Kragujevac, Negotin, Svilajnac, Velika Plana

1973. Belgrade, “Fine Arts Pedagogues of Serbia”

1973, Belgrade 14th October Salon

1974. ŠkofijaLoka, Museum, Artists’ Colony Exhibition

1975. Belgrade, Spring Exhibition of ULUS ’75

1976. Belgrade, Spring Exhibition ULUS ’76                                                               

1976. Čačak, Kragujevac, Niš 58th Spring Exhibition of ULUS ‘76

1978. Belgrade, 14th October Salon

1978. Kragujevac, Belgrade, “Fine Arts Creativity of ULUS, ULUV, ULUK 1978

1979. Kragujevac, 7th Exhibition of ULUS female members

1980. Belgrade, “Spring Exhibition of ULUS”

1980. Tuzla, “4th Exhibition of Yugoslav Portrait”

1982. Kragujevac, 10th Exhibition of ULUS female members

1983. SmederevskaPalanka, Museum, Members of the Group “10th October”

1984. Sokobanja, Museum, “People of Sokobanja about Sokobanja” ’84  

1986. Belgrade, Kragujevac, “Spring Exhibition of ULUS”

1986. Kragujevac, 14th Exhibition of ULUS female members

1990. Velika Plana, “Artists’ Colony 1990”

1991. Svetozarevo, Josanica Artists’ Colony 1991

1992. Belgrade, sales gallery, “Landscape in modern Serbian painting”

1993. Belgrade, sales gallery “Landscape in modern Serbian painting”

1995. Kovin, October Salon of fine Arts “Kovin ’95”

1995. Toronto, Canada, Gallery “Meet Art”

1996. Belgrade, 37th October Salon

1998. Smederevo “The first biennale of fine and applied arts”

2003. Zemun, “StaraKapetanija”, Spring Exhibition 

2004. Belgrade, CvijetaZuzoric” New Year ULUS Exhibition

2005. SmederevskaPalanka, Museum, ‘Exhibition of painters and former teachers of the Grammar School”

2006. Sokobanja, Exhibition of Artists’ Colony “Sokograd“,

2006. Paris, Louvre, “Salon 2006.de la Nationale des Beaux- Arts”, with the delegation of Serbia

2007. Belgrade, “Euro centre – soul workshop”

2007. Pančevo, Museum of History, “The first biennale of drawings of Serbia 2007”

2007. Kopaonik, 3rd Artists’ Colony, gallery of Dom VojskeSrbije (Serbian Army Hall)

2008. Aleksinac, “Landscape in Serbian painting”

2008. Ribarskabanja (Fishermen’s Spa), Artists’ Colony “The autumn of Ribarskabanja“,

2008. Zemun, Ikar Gallery, 4th Artists’ Colony of Military Academy, Kopaonik 2008.

2008. Monastir, Tunis “Festival International des art plastique de Monastir”

2009. Monastir, Tunis “Festival International des art plastique de Monastir”

2012. Belgrade, Spring Exhibition of ULUS

2012. Aleksinac, Pirot, Serbian Landscape, `Fourth Biennale`

2013. Belgrade, Spring Exhibition of ULUS



1973. Purchase award at the 14th October Salon in Belgrade

1974, 1977, 1983, the First prize for painting in SmederevskaPalanka

1979. Purchase award at “8th ULUS exhibition”, Kragujevac

 2006. “PRIX SPECIAL”, Salon 2006. de la Nationale des BEAUX –ARTS” LOUVRE, PARIS, FRANCE





Paintings are the ownership of museums, galleries and in the private collections

SmederevskaPalanka, the National Museum

Kolašin, Crna Gora, the Homeland Museum

Podgorica, Montenegro, Gallery of Modern Arts,

Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, “RizahŠtetić” Gallery

ŠkofijaLoka, “Loški Museum“

Kragujevac, gallery of the library “VukKaradžić”

Peking, NR China, Fun gallery

Tunis, Monastir, Modern Gallery




Mirjana Mit Stojković in Louvre,

Paris, in front of the Carrousel Hall, 2006




Mirjana Mit Stojković with Jarmila Vešović,

a painter from Paris, in front of her painting `Daydreaming III`

which is exhibited in Carrousel hall at the International Exhibition Salon 2006.

`De La Nationale Des Beauth-Arts du Louvre, Paris.




Painting of Mirjana Mit Stojković

at the exhibition in Louvre, in Carrousel Hall,

at the Exhibition Salon 2006.

`De La Nationale Des Beauth-Arts du Louvre, Paris.



Mirjana Mit Stojković

in front of Louvre,

Paris, 2006